Our product was designed for ourselves in the beginning.

Winters in Finland are long and hard, so when the baseball season ends, we are literally waiting for the snow to melt in order to be able to hear the crack of a bat again. Why not use the time for the thing we love most, which is everything related to baseball.

The story of Mela Birch Bats started in 2015, when a group of friends, baseball veterans, and DIY enthousiasts decided to create a locally made baseball bat, using the greatest national asset Finland has - Our Timber.

It took dozens of calls to local wood retailers and sawmills, endless hours spent in the batting cage prototyping and fine-tuning the perfect bat profile, and long nights hand-crafting the finishing touches on the products, until we had the first limited series on our hands. The first batch of bats was quickly sold out from the trunks of our cars and in the bleachers of our local baseball fields, and the Mela Birch Bats business was started.

Our bats are 100% made in Finland. Our birch wood comes from the slow-growing forests of Karelia in the eastern edge of Finland. The long cold winters make the birch wood hard and dense, perfect for baseball bats. The specifically picked logs are sawed to custom billets, slowly dried to stabilize the wood, and then turned and hand-sanded in a lathe for a perfectly smooth finish. The bats are finished with a coat of paint or lacquer, also applied by hand. We put a lot of love in our products!

Mela Birch Bats is approved by CEB for use in all European competitions.


Lets admit it, we did not make it to the big leagues. Did we even try enough? Maybe not, but with the pride we take in our bats and to be able to share the wonderful feeling of hitting with a birch bat, we are sure that this time we will make it.

With a Mela Birch Bat you can make it!